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Sunway Construction approached Skrin to produced a new corporate video. They wanted something that is able to reflect the innovative nature of their business. We combined footages with many animations to achieve that objective.

How can Corporate Video Help your Business?
Having a professionally shot video will increase your visitors' familiarity and level of trust with your business resulting in an increased visitor-to-lead conversion rate. In addition Google has said it is a huge fan of video which goes hand in hand with the fact that video has been proven to make your visitors remain on your site for longer. Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing techniques a company can avail of to promote their personality and brand. With the success of online video only set to grow having a corporate video with your team telling your story will help your audience to choose you over your competitors.
We offer high quality corporate video services at competitive prices. Whether you need a fresh new video to help promote your business a particular product or service we can help.
What can SKRIN do for your business?
  • An experienced video team who can provide guidance on scripting staging and editing;
  • Fullend-to-end creative video service.
Sunway Construction Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) or most commonly known as Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the most promising developments in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries. With BIM technology an accurate virtual model of a building is constructed digitally before actual construction begins. VDC enables integration of design scheduling estimation and fabrication processes. The 3-dimension (3D) BIM models enable effective trade coordination among Architecture Structure and MEP trades eliminating clashes at an early design stage. The 4D model allows project planning and scheduling calculating progress in physical development and timeline. The 5D model enables automated quantities take off accurate cost estimation and real time cost control.
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